Broccoli Salad

--For Dressing--

1/2 cup milk
1/2 tsp white Wine Vinegar
1/2 cup mayo
2 tbs apple cider vinegar
1 tbs sugar
1/2 tbs honey

--For Salad--
2 Broccoli Heads
1 cup dried cherries
1 cup slivered or chopped almonds

Mix milk and white wine vinegar together and leave on counter for 30 min
Combine the rest of the dressing items in your blender or food processor.

Chop your broccoli into smaller pieces and combine with dressing, add cherries and nuts and combine thoroughly.

Refrigerated for at least 2 hrs (Overnight is best)

Today I Celebrate

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3 days ago I celebrated my success against the odds (making 1m np in 1 week) - proving that it isn't over - until it's over.

2 days ago I celebrated my wife's phenomenal writing talent and the gifts that will bring us in the future - the money and the ability for her to work from home.

Yesterday, I celebrated the understanding that you don't have to spend a lot to have a lot of fun... it took me a while to learn that one - but now instead of feeling restricted by how much money I have my outlook has been expanded so that I have more options, instead of fewer.

Today I Celebrate my check that comes in every month - the generosity of a country willing to help those who for whatever reason are in a position where they can't always help themselves in a given moment.

Today I Celberate

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3 days ago I celebrated having enough money to pay my bills, and keep food on the table.

2 Days ago I celebrated my success at Neopoints - which proved to me that persistence and faith can win the day.

Yesterday I celebrated my wife's talent - her amazing gift for telling stories and what that will mean for our future.

Today I celebrate the understanding that there is more then one way to have a good time - and the way the world opens up to me as my point of view expands. It's nice to know that I can have as much fun eating Fazoli's and staying home to watch Heroes as I can going out and eating a hundred dollar meal.

Today I Celebrate

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3 days ago I celebrated new ideas and passions for possible direction in my career path - taking failing restaurants and helping them succeed.

2 days ago I celebrated the simple but profound ability to pay my bills, keep a roof over my head and food on my table.

Yesterday I celebrated my 1,000,000 np success in Neopets and the lesson it taught me about determination and faith.

Today I celebrate my wife's amazing talent, a talent that I know will serve us well in the years to come.