fey_cooks (fey_cooks) wrote,

Today I Celberate

5 days ago I celebrated the victory of the Saints and what that represents to dreamers across the country.

4 days ago I celebrated a new avenue for exploration on my career path (helping failing restaurants recover).

3 days ago I celebrated having enough money to pay my bills, and keep food on the table.

2 Days ago I celebrated my success at Neopoints - which proved to me that persistence and faith can win the day.

Yesterday I celebrated my wife's talent - her amazing gift for telling stories and what that will mean for our future.

Today I celebrate the understanding that there is more then one way to have a good time - and the way the world opens up to me as my point of view expands. It's nice to know that I can have as much fun eating Fazoli's and staying home to watch Heroes as I can going out and eating a hundred dollar meal.
Tags: 31 days to 75k
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